Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Madness... Cake Pop Style.

As April looms nearer, I find that it is necessary to look back on March with a sense of relief.

This month I had three orders, an order of 12 , and order of 19, and an  order of 48.
That makes 79 total.

 They went smoothly with only one all nighter to pull it off.. (I think I keep my local corner store in business with all the Red Bull I buy).. And Viola! Pops.

Unfortunately, a certain popular shipping company with a three letter name that drives brown trucks, "lost" my shipment of the 4 dozen pops, (I hope you guys are enjoying them over at the shipping store!)
So I made another batch.. This time shipping them through another popular shipping comapny whose colors are purple and orange.

They should arrive tomorrow.. Here they are:

I hope you're enjoyed the rantings of a twenty-something housewife:)
Love, Saira

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